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Hales Corners, WI January 19, 2001 - Brilliance Web Design, Inc. has announced the pre-release of Brilliant Wedding Pages (, where couples who want to share their wedding news and excitement can instantly create an entire wedding website online.

Brilliant Wedding Pages features unique URLs (web addresses) for each couple, personalized wedding quizzes, and many other modules designed to make the websites entertaining and personal for wedding guests to visit.

Something different about is that it is not a registry site. Currently, couples can have a web page on many registry sites, but the option to have an entire wedding website with many personalized features is unique to Brilliant Wedding Pages.

"Couples can build sites they are proud of - sites they will want to list on their invitations to share with their family and friends. They can share pictures, stories, and they can even let their guests take a quiz about them," said Lori McDonald, Director of Development.

"With the average website costing about $30.00 we feel that we are offering an extremely attractive and affordable package for brides and grooms," said Kelly Kons, Lead Content Developer.

Brilliant Wedding Pages is expecting to officially release their site on February 14, 2001 and hopes to have over 13,000 visitors each month.

If you are interested in creating a wedding website, you can do so at, or if you would like to request more information, contact Kelly Kons at

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