David Kelleher and Melissa Plumb May 31, 2003  
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Our Story

Melissa says:

The Story of Us

Dave & Melissa, March 15, 2000

Dave and Melissa met through the help of a lot of people:

Michelle – who was sick and postponed plans with Melissa for a Saturday evening in March of 2000. We were supposed to go to an acapella show. Melissa was at Northeastern studying with two friends, and checked her messages in the afternoon. Right after Michelle’s message was a message from…

Nick – who invited Melissa out to a party that night. Melissa is not usually the party type, but she was tired from studying and thought, “oh, what the heck?” Plus, it was easy because Nick lived nearby and offered to drive Melissa.

Kari – who really connected us at the party (Melissa says “accosted,” she says otherwise). She pointed Melissa out to Dave and, though she had never met Melissa before, she pointed Dave out to Melissa. We all stayed at the party until very late, and Nick and Melissa were finally ready to leave around 2 a.m. (Dave stayed much later). Before Melissa left, she of course had to use the restroom, which was at the top of the stairs. As she came out of the bathroom, Kari was there, ready to get her number! No paper or pen so of course we did the classic thing of a napkin and lipstick (which Melissa had never done before).

Dave – who called Melissa the very next day and invited her on a date.

The help has also come from family and friends’ support over the years. But after that Sunday, March 16th, 2000, the rest was history for Melissa and Dave! Exactly one year and ten months later, on January 16th, 2002, Dave proposed to Melissa.

David says:
See Melissa's version! :-)


"You can give without loving, but you cannot love without giving."
- Amy Carmichael


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