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July 13, 2024  

Wedding Website Add-Ons Pricing and Descriptions

When you purchase an add-on, it will appear on your site for one year from the date of purchase. If, after a year you would like to extend your site, you can login into PageBuilder and purchase the add-ons again. Don't forget about our 1-WEEK free trial, where you can try all of our add-ons on your own wedding website! (Check out our sample site as well.) If you have any questions, visit our Frequently Asked Questions. Or, if you are ready, begin building your site.

Calc Price Add-On Price Description Example

Welcome Message Free Displays welcome message to your guests on the first page they will see when they come to your site. Show me an example

Online RSVPs $12/yr. Allow your guests to respond to your invitations online saves them time and the hassle of remembering to send the reply card back. Show me an example

Photo Albums (Unlimited) $15/yr. Create unlimited number of photo albums (automatically includes albums for: Our Story, Parties and Showers, Wedding, and Ever After) Show me an example

Wedding Countdown Timer $5/yr. You and your guests can watch as the seconds tick off until your big moment. Show me an example

Guestbook $6/yr. Your guests can let you know that they`ve visited your website and what they think by signing your guestbook Show me an example

Wedding Ceremony & Reception Info $7/yr. Ceremony and reception details. Show me an example

2 Pictures $5/yr. 2 pictures of the bride and groom - One large picture for the Home Page, and one smaller picture for all of the other pages. Show me an example

Personalized Wedding Quiz $15/yr. Enter quiz questions and your guests will have a blast trying to make it into the top 25 list. Show me an example

Our Story $8/yr. Tell your guests all about how you met and all about yourselves. Show me an example

Wedding Party & Bios $7/yr. Share with your guests the list of your attendants and an optional biography, or write each attendant a note of thanks for everyone to read. Show me an example

Inspirational Wedding Quotes $5/yr. Inspire your visitors with wedding and love quotes on each page of your website. Show me an example

Parties and Showers $6/yr. Party and shower information, including times, places, and/or stories from your parties and showers. Show me an example

Places to Stay $6/yr. Provide your guests with area accommodations, phone numbers, addresses, map, and directions Show me an example

Audio Message to Guests $10/yr. Create an audio message for your visitors to listen to. Show me an example

Future Plans $8/yr. Share your future plans. Show me an example

Wedding Gifts & Registries $10/yr. Colors, patterns, address to send gifts to, registries, etc. Show me an example

Things to Do in the Area $6/yr. Make your out-of-town guests feel especially welcome by giving them plenty of things to do and see in the area. Show me an example

Contact Us $5/yr. Allow your quests to contact you via this web form. You can also use this to give your guests your address, phone, e-mail address and web site address, if desired. Show me an example

* Prices are subject to changes without notice *

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Check the boxes under "Calc Price" for the Add-ons you are interested in and the total cost will appear here (on IE4 and higher browsers only).

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