What is the Free Trial?

 The Free Trial gives you the opportunity to try out each of our add-ons once, for one week. Just checkmark "Free Trial" on each of the add-ons that you would like to review below and hit "Next". If you would like to see exactly what your site will look like, you will then want to click on one of the add-ons in the left frame underneath "Build Your Site" (they will show up after you checkmark the Free Trial boxes you are interested in and hit "next") and fill in the fields that appear in the upper-right frame. For example you may want to enter a Welcome Message, or your "The Day" info.

When you are finished, you can go to YOUR wedding website, with the URL that you have chosen, to see how your site looks. When your free trial is over, you can choose to sign-up for the add-ons that you like. The information that you have entered remains in the PageBuilder, so you will not need to enter it again. And you can update any of the information in the add-ons that you have paid for at any time with no additional charge.

Give it a try! What have you got to lose?
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