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July 13, 2024  

See a line-by-line comparison between and other online wedding website tools.
Step by step instructions on how you can build your own wedding website.
View current prices, descriptions, and examples of available wedding website add-ons.
Find the answer to your question in our FAQ.

Create Your Wedding Website

Simply the Best

Sign Up for Your Wedding WebsiteBy using this very simple, easy-to-use online tool you will invite your friends and family across the globe to become a part of your celebration.

Imagine, if you will, your own personal wedding website. You email all of your friends and family with your personalized URL (i.e. ) and you invite them to participate in all of the planning. They go to your site, and they find:

  • Out-of-town guest information - Your guests will find your Places to Stay page very helpful. In addition to listing each recommended accommodation, you can also give them a price range, a map to the location, a web address, phone number, fax number, street address, features and any notes you might want to share. Our Things To Do in the Area Add-on allows you to share a price range, location, web address, e-mail, phone number, fax number, map, and comments for each of your suggested Things To Do. And, you can add as many Things To Do as you would like!

  • Several online photo albums, filled with pictures from your childhood, from when you started dating, from when he proposed, from your parties and showers, and eventually from the wedding and reception itself!

  • A countdown to your wedding. Every time they visit your site your guests will be excited to see the seconds ticking away to your big day!

  • The ability to RSVP to your wedding online. In a few seconds your guests can fill out an online RSVP form (including a meal choice and a message to you) and it will be instantly emailed to you!

  • A personalized wedding quiz about you and your future spouse. Your guests can take the quiz and compete for the top 25 scores displayed on your site.

  • ... and much more!

You can create this site on in less than 1 hour and you don't even need to understand how to write a line of code!

In all of the busyness of wedding planning, do you remember what the essence of your wedding is?

A Celebration of Your Love with Your Friends and Family!

That is what a wedding website is all about!

You Could Get It Elsewhere, But Why Would You Want To?

Yes, you could get a site for free from other sites, but they don't offer the high-quality features we do. Don't believe us? Check out a sample site for yourself! Or, look at a feature comparison of and other online wedding website tools. Other sites pay the bills by selling stuff to you and your guests while they are visiting your site. Don't make your site a commercial. Share a beautiful site that exemplifies your love at

Our Guarantee

We guarantee that you will like your wedding website, or we will do everything in our power to make you like your site. And, if you have an idea for something that we do not already offer, or are not already working on, when we use your idea we will give you that portion of your site for free!

Risk-Free Trial

You can create a wedding website, try it out for FREE for one week, and make a more informed decision on whether you would like to keep your site. There is no obligation for you to keep your site.

When you sign up for your trial you will be asked to create a login and password. We ask for your e-mail address in order to send you a reminder of your login and password and to let you know when your trial is about to expire, but we NEVER sell your name or address of any sort to anyone. Your information is kept completely confidential.

And, we do not ask you for a credit card number or any billing information until you are ready to purchase your site. If you choose not to purchase your site, it will simply expire one week from the date that you created it.

We're friendly! Please contact us if you have any questions at We value all of your questions and look forward to helping you out!

Sign Up

How much does it cost?

Your site can cost between $3 and $100 depending on which add-ons you choose. Our average purchase is $36.00 for a site for one full year. Check out all of our add-on choices and their individual per year prices on our pricing page.

Customer Testimonials

"I love our site on Bwedd! I like the styles offered, and the ease with which I created the site. I've found it to be very easy to manage, to upload information, and to walk through the process of creation. I also like that you can choose your own URL. And, we found the price to be extremely reasonable as compared to other options - and believe me, I looked around!"

- Melissa

"A friend introduced me to the idea of a wedding website. Initially, I was using a free service but found it difficult to work with. After searching many services on the Net, I found Brilliant Wedding Pages. The cost was better than I expected and the options presented were awesome. The feedback I'm getting on the site is great and it's a great way to coordinate all of the wedding details. I recommend this service to anyone - especially if you're planning a wedding long distance or have a lot of out of town guests."

- Christine

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